Beat the Blues with These Florida Blueberry Festivals

Get your fix of Florida Blueberry Festivals with these events going on.

You’ve likely heard that the official Florida Blueberry Festival is on a temporary hiatus this year while moving the location of their venue, and it’s likely given you a bad case of the blues. Not the good kind, either. While hope springs eternal for a great Florida Blueberry Festival in 2019, we understand you need a blueberry festival now to assuage your sadness, and to find a case of the blues…the good kind (blueberries)! Check out our line-up of festivals honoring the little blue dynamos known as blueberries happening near you and get your blue on!

Florida Blueberry Festivals

The Keel and Curley Winery Blueberry Festival, April 14 & 15 and April 21 & 22 (weekends): Enjoy food vendors, entertainment, U-Pick blueberries, and more. Find details here.

The Bostwick Blueberry Festival, April 28 in Bostwick, Florida: The festival kicks off with a blueberry pancake breakfast and is followed by live entertainment, U-Pick blueberries, an array of blueberry foods, and more. Explore the details here.

Brooksville Blueberry Festival, April 28 – April 29, in downtown Brooksville, Florida. Brooksville is starting their own blueberry festival to replace the Florida Blueberry Festival. This is their first year! Find details here.

Mount Dora Blueberry Festival, April 28 – April 29, in Mount Dora, Florida. Explore this event here.

Avon Park Blueberry Festival, April 28, in Avon Park, Florida. See details of the event here.

Island Grove Blueberry Festival, May 5, in Cross Creek, Florida. Get details on this event here.

My Blues Fest Blueberry Festival, May 5 – May 6, in Williston, Florida. Explore this festival here.

Bronson Blueberry Festival, May 19, in Bronson, Florida. Explore the details of this event here.

Wellborn Blueberry Festival, June 2, in Wellborn, Florida. See details for this event here.

As you can see, there are many Florida blueberry festivals to choose from. Have a great time, and look to the recipes pages or the Blueberries from Florida Pinterest recipe boards if you need recipe ideas for all of those fresh Florida blueberries you will buy!

Image courtesy of  WriterGal39.