Beat The Heat With A Cold, Refreshing Florida Blueberry Beer

blueberry beer

With so many blueberry farms in Florida producing the most beautiful and delicious blueberries there are, you can expect the blueberries will be used to make an unlimited variety of desserts, meals. sauces, drinks, and more. One of the favorite drinks where the blueberry has found yet another niche is beer. That's right! Many breweries in Florida are making beer using the very best blueberries, and their popularity has proven they are delicious. When drinking a Florida blueberry beer, you won't find the sweetness common in other blueberry drinks. But you will find a delicate hint of blueberries that is perfect with a Reuben sandwich, a slice of pizza, or maybe just a friend and a sunset.

Below are several blueberry beers from around the state of Florida. Check out the websites, visit the breweries, and look for some of them in the refrigerated beer section of your favorite grocery store. Enjoy! 

Blueberry Cobbler Ale
Funky Buddha Brewery
Oakland Park, FL

Belleview Biltmore Blueberry Vanilla Wheat Ale
Two Henrys
Plant City, FL

Blueberry Lager
Two Henrys
Plant City, FL

Florida Avenue Blueberry Ale
Florida Avenue Brewing Co
Tampa, FL

Blueberry Cottonmouth, Belgian Style Witbier
Swamp Head Brewery
Gainesville, FL

You're My Boy Blue! Blueberry Wheat Ale
Brew Bus Brewing
Tampa, FL

Black and Blue American Porter
Intracoastal Brewing Company
Melbourne, FL

Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale
Sea Dog Brewing Company
Clearwater, FL & Orlando, FL