Native bees contribute significant value to blueberry crops

In Florida, honey producers can create delicious citrus flavored honey from all of the citrus groves throughout the state.  Citrus grove farmers lease land space to honey bee farmers who then place a bee hive deep within the groves.  It’s an interesting cycle to say the least.  What you might not know is that native

The benefits of blueberries boosts demand

Five years ago, blueberries would have been considered the equivalent of a b-list actor, but now they are front and center on the A-list. You can find them in the leading role in many meals across the country, primarly because their many health benefits have been so widely publicized. Everyone from restaurant chefs to nutritionists

Florida blueberries take starring role in “Living Healthy” initiative

In April, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam and other state leaders launched a “Living Healthy in Florida” campaign. In a press release, Putnam said, “This initiative is the first of its kind to combine the resources of elected officials, state agencies, nonprofits and others in order to communicate consistent information to Florida’s children, families

A Recipe for Blueberry Dyed Easter Eggs

Want to step away from chemicals and coloring this Easter? The super fruit can help with blueberry dyed Easter eggs. Blueberries make a fantastic natural ingredient for dying eggs.  It's easy and fun for your entire family.  Just follow these recipes from the experts at Herb Companion for beautiful, nontoxic, festive Easter eggs. RECIPE: Hard boil eggs. Bring each

Florida Blueberry Festival is a hit in 2014

The Florida Blueberry Festival in Brooksville, Florida is a great place to taste blueberries in their many glorious forms. Vendors from around the state compete to show guests all the wonderful ways you can enjoy the Florida blueberry. From blueberry honey to blueberry shortcake, there is no shortage of food and fun.  One fan shared how

Kid Friendly ideas using Florida Blueberries

Many children are on spring break or have their break coming up in the next couple of weeks. Blueberries are such an important food, we thought it would be helpful to share kid-friendly ideas for spring vacation.  Our Pinterest Board called Blueberries For Kids, where we feature fun recipes to help engage your children in

Ready to u-pick some Florida blueberries?

Wouldn't it be nice to hand pick fresh blueberries. To walk through a blueberry field and pluck perfect berry after perfect berry? Guess what? You can!  Florida is home to many U-pick blueberry farms. Florida "pick your own" farms allow you to choose and pick your own berries. There are many reasons you'll enjoy this

Find out the peak seasons for Florida produce

Did you know that between November and May each year, Florida produces about 300 agricultural products? It’s true! These commodities are sold across the U.S. and in more than 120 countries around the world.   It’s an important part of Florida’s economy and is strongly supported by the state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs and

True Blue Winery to host second annual Blueberry Festival

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 5 when Davenport's True Blue Winery will host its second annual Blueberry Festival. The event includes food vendors (cajun and southern style cuisine) that pair nicely with the delicious blueberry wine, craft vendors, entertainment, kids games and of course, wine tasting!  True Blue Winery is Polk County's first winery and

Some farmers are making a switch to organic blueberries

It’s almost blueberry season in Florida and some farmers are focusing on organic blueberries. Clermont-based Uncle Matt’s Organic has been producing organic fruits and juices since the late 1990s. With the growth of the blueberry industry in Florida over the past decade, Uncle Matt’s added organic blueberries to the list in 2010.  He said in