Three ways to blend blueberries with Valentine’s Day

Why not show your Valentine that you really, really love them this Valentine's Day, and add blueberries into the mix. This Florida superfood is the gift that keeps on giving.  We've curated some of the most tantalizing blueberry Valentine's Day ideas, to get the ideas flowing. Begin with a Blueberry facial – Blueberries were named among the top

Florida’s blueberries to begin trips to Panama in April

Some good news for Florida's super fruit. Florida Department of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam was in Panama recently pushing the Florida blueberry and other Florida grown produce.  The January trade mission was planned to increase Florida’s $100 billion agriculture industry. In the last decade, crops that have doubled in production, and in some cases tripled,

Florida blueberry festival set for April 12 and 13

Florida Blueberry Festival, Inc. is hosting its third annual Florida blueberry festival in Brooksville, Florida.  This year's event is slated to take place April 12 and 13. The 2014 entertainment calendar features a kick off night on Saturday, April 5 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Join the kick off and enjoy an Elton John tribute

Florida blueberries pack a powerful nutritional punch

  Florida blueberries pack a powerful nutritional punch.  One cup of delicious blueberries is just 84 calories and gives us 14 percent of our daily fiber needs.  Even more good news is that Florida's blueberry season begins well before other parts of the United States. This means we can get an early start creating fresh blueberry

Fitness trends for 2014

If you put "living a healthier life" on your resolution list last New Year's Eve, you weren't alone.  We are on your side and have been scouring the web for top fitness trends of 2014. Of course, eating more of the super fruit should be at the top of your list! Here is what's trending

Tips for enjoying the lighter side of dessert

January is the most popular time to start a diet, it's also the month where most people fail at dieting.  If you are trying to lose weight, exercise and a healthy diet is really the only way to find success. That means cutting out those desserts we all love and crave.  But here's a little

Is losing weight one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Is losing weight one of your New Year's Resolutions?  This might just be the most difficult resolution to keep.  We are on your side and have put together a few healthy recipes to add to your plan. Ours feature your favorite super fruit, the blueberry. Take a look at our selections below. Don't forget to add

Florida blueberry varieties and flavors

Do you love the flavor of blueberries?  A study recently released by the University of Florida explores the importance of the flavor of our favorite super fruit.  The university has been credited with playing a major role in growing Florida’s blueberry industry to the $48 billion industry it is today. The initiative has also helped

Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe: Raw, Vegan and Delicious

  Blueberries are making a splash on the Vegan scene.   We came across a delicious blueberry cheesecake recipe sure to please any palate, published on One Green Planet.  The recipe is raw, gluten free, and paleo.   The recipe's creator says this is an excellent and easy dessert to make ahead and it can be saved in the freezer for months.

Eat more blueberries for a healthy 2014

  Have you started planning your New Year's resolution?     The start of a new year is the most opportune time to make important changes in your life, like eating healthier. We want to encourage you to add more blueberries to your diet in 2014 and reap the rewards from a healthy diet.   Blueberries