Celebrate New Year’s by Turning Classic Drinks into Blueberry Cocktails

Welcome the new year with these recipes that turn traditional Manhattans, Sours, Mojitos and more into tasty Blueberry Cocktails. Most people choose to ring in the New Year with drinks and spitits. This year, start the new year off right with these blueberry cocktails that put a blueberry spin on classic cocktails. We’ve rounded up

The Best Blueberry Cookies to Leave for Santa this Holiday

Show Santa you care by making one—or all—of these blueberry cookies (and have some for yourself!)  The big day is drawing near, and you have a few days left to make the perfect cookies to leave for Santa. Try one of these recipes for blueberry cookies for the perfect treat to greet Santa, share with friends

Blueberry Angel Cake Desserts: The Perfect Holiday Combination

What better dessert to make for your holiday dinner than blueberry angel cake desserts? Your holiday dinner won’t be complete without a heavenly dessert. Look to one of these blueberry angel cake desserts to be the perfect ending to the most festive meal of the year! We’ve put together three different blueberry angel cake desserts

Holiday Blueberry Drinks to Warm You Down to Your Toes

This trio of holiday blueberry drinks will bring some holiday cheer even to the biggest of Grinches! The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy decadent foods and fun drinks. Try one of these holiday blueberry drinks for a holiday party, for small get-togethers or even while wrapping gifts or making cookies. Recipes and photos

Pinterest’s Most Delectable Holiday Blueberry Confections

If you’re looking to up your game with the cookies and sweets you make this holiday, try one or all of these holiday blueberry confections we’ve found on the land of all good things: Pinterest! Baking cookies, candies and all sorts of confections is a holiday tradition. Making such treats is a great way to

Recipes to Jazz up Thanksgiving Leftovers by Adding Blueberries

Adding blueberries is a great way to change up your Thanksgiving leftovers. Now that Thanksgiving is over, you likely have a refrigerator full of Thanksgiving leftovers. They’ll be great for a day or two, but eventually you’ll get tired of having the same meal over and over. Need a solution? Try adding blueberries to your

Invite Delicious Blueberries to Your Thanksgiving Dinner

You won’t regret having delicious blueberries as part of your Thanksgiving meal. Last week we shared some recipes for adding blueberries to the appetizers and desserts at your Thanksgiving gathering, and now we’re moving to the big leagues: adding delicious blueberries to the main course: sides and the turkey! You’ll find that the sweet and

Tasty Blueberry Thanksgiving Recipes: Appetizers and Desserts

Adding delicious blueberries to your Thanksgiving feast is easy with one of these delectable blueberry Thanksgiving recipes. Thanksgiving dishes are usually based on your family’s traditions, but it’s easy to find a new favorite to add to the mix. The superb taste and high nutritional value of blueberries means they fit in any recipe. As

Blueberry Healthfulness: Is there a difference between wild and cultivated?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a difference in blueberry healthfulness between wild and cultivated blueberries? Blueberries are one of the world’s superfoods, but some may wonder if there is a difference in the health value between wild blueberries, also called lowbush blueberries, and farm-grown blueberries, also known as highbush blueberries. Find out what science

Blueberries on film.  Did you see this movie about a blueberry farm?

Blueberries have gone Hollywood with the Hallmark movie “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm.”  We all know that a blueberry farm is a lovely place to be, and Hollywood has finally caught on and made such a farm the focal point of a new Hallmark movie that aired in early October. Explore the details of this romance set in