Shake things up in the kitchen!

Cooking with blueberries can certainly shake things up in your kitchen and is quite simple once you learn a few tips.  Here are a few ideas for adding blueberries to your everyday foods:

Blueberries in the kitchen• Add a splash to drinks – Whether it's a glass of juice, a cocktail, or sparkling water, add blueberries for a refreshing treat.

• Add as a side to your cheese tray – Serving gourmet cheeses to your guests? Blueberries pair very well with cheeses and nuts.

• Upgrade your sauces – When you are serving pork or chicken, consider using a blueberry sauce to complement the delicious flavor of the meat.

• Use frozen blueberries as snacks – Curb your appetite with a snack of frozen blueberries.  Freezing blueberries will make you have to work a little to get to the goodness and their high fiber content will help curb your appetite.

Baking with Blueberries


Most recipes will share tips but we've highlighted a few secrets below to consider when baking with blueberries.

• Avoid streaking – Add blueberries to the batter last, so that you avoid streaking.
• Avoid sinking – Lightly coat blueberries in flour before adding them to the batter to prevent them from sinking to the bottom.
• Using frozen berries – Use frozen blueberries in cake and muffin batter, but add them at the last minute to avoid streaking.  Make sure you rinse them if you didn't before freezing.

Featured recipe: No bake blueberry cheese cake