Blueberry Farm Gets Helping Hand

blueberry (2)Susan McGeough had nearly 350 blueberry bushes on her blueberry farm that had thousands of berries ready to pick. Normally that would not be a problem, but her husband Jim had died recently after losing a long fight with cancer. It was his 68th birthday. Susan wasn't sure what she was going to do because these ripe berries needed to be picked so they could be sold at the farm and at the Portsmouth Farmers Market.

On a Friday morning, the cavalry showed up. Almost 25 people from around the town had gotten together and volunteered their time and efforts to come and pick berries for the struggling widow. A friend of the McGeoughs had attended Jim’s funeral and knew about Susan's dilemma, and he organized what he called a ‘blueberry crop mob’. Evan Mallett requested help on Facebook, and people of all ages showed up to help with the crisis. They were more than happy to help one of their own in need. One young boy even earned Boy Scout service hours for his efforts that morning.

It's not the first time someone stepped up to help the couple. While Jim was fighting his cancer, people helped the McGeoughs tap the maple trees during sugaring season.

While there are still more blueberries to be picked, the efforts of these caring citizens has done a lot to help the farm and meant a lot to the owner of the farm who so desperately needed a hand.