Blueberry Glazed Pork

Blueberry Glazed PorkDid you know that 3 ounces of skinless chicken breast has 139 calories and 3.1 g of fat, whereas the same amount of roasted pork tenderloin only has 120 calories and 3.0 g of fat? Not only are pork tenderloins low-fat, they are absolutely delicious! If you would like to make that already-healthy and delicious cut of meat even better, just add some blueberry glaze. Below is a Blueberry Glazed Pork tenderloin recipe from Chef Chris Moore of the Knoxville Convention Center that uses a mixture of blueberries, honey, and several other tasty ingredients. You will probably start eating this on a weekly basis. It's that good. Enjoy!

1 cup blueberries (Rest in 1 tbsp sugar for 1 hour while assembling recipe)
2 tbsp lime juice
3 tbsp local Sourwood Honey
2 ea. garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp. grated fresh ginger
1-2 ea. pork tenderloins
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 tbsp favorite seasoning (We use Trupro Brick Spice)
1 cup Corn Starch

Mix seasoning with Corn Starch.
Transfer mixture to rimmed baking sheet.
Pat tenderloins dry with paper towels, then roll in mixture until evenly coated on all sides.
Thoroughly pat off excess cornstarch mixture.

Place blueberries in small sauce pot, cook until tender.
Turn off the heat, combine lime juice, honey, garlic, and ginger with blueberries and puree until smooth. Set aside. 
In a pan, add 1 tbsp oil and brown meat on medium until temp reaches 145°, about 12 min.
Brush with Blueberry glaze and cook 1 minute longer.
Transfer to platter, cover with foil, and let rest 5 minutes.
Slice pork and serve with remaining glaze.

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