Blueberry Products From Around the World

blueberry yogurt in a boxInhabitants of North America have been eating blueberries for hundreds of years, and only in recent decades has the consumption of blueberries spread to other continents. In fact, blueberries have become a global favorite, and demand is growing every year.

In the US, blueberries have commonly been used in pies, pancakes & waffles, muffins, smoothies, jams & jellies, tarts, yogurts, granola bars, and salads. In recent years, a few other items using the delicious, little blue berry have become more popular such as barbecue sauces, beer, wine, tea, and salad dressings. Even newer blueberry products in the US using real blueberries include crackers, pound cake, almonds, milk, cream cheese, and even dog treats!

However, around the world, you can find blueberries in almost anything imaginable. In China, you’ll find blueberry in cookies, gummy candies, soft cake, marshmallow treats, cracker sandwiches with dried blueberry concentrate, cookie straws, and sodas.

In Japan, blueberries can be found in several other products like water, pizza, curry, honey (mixed with blueberry juice), yogurt drinks, and chocolate. Blueberry pills are popular among college students using the computer to keep them alert! The most interesting blueberry product has to be blueberry pasta. That actually sounds pretty good!

In other countries, products made with blueberries include bread topping sauce, tortillas, licorice, cosmetics, and yes, cleansing products.

Even though some of these items may seem odd because we have never seen them before, they may soon end up being commonplace in a typical American home.