Did Someone Say Blueberry Festival Road Trip?

Did Someone Say Blueberry Festival Road Trip?

Find a blueberry festival in the Southeast that could be the destination of a great road trip with family or friends. Florida blueberry season is coming to a close, but the rest of the country is just getting started. Gather your friends and family and start planning a fun road trip now to visit a

Beat the Blues with These Florida Blueberry Festivals

Get your fix of Florida Blueberry Festivals with these events going on. You’ve likely heard that the official Florida Blueberry Festival is on a temporary hiatus this year while moving the location of their venue, and it’s likely given you a bad case of the blues. Not the good kind, either. While hope springs eternal

The Details on the Missing 2018 Florida Blueberry Festival

Explore what led up to this year’s Florida Blueberry Festival being cancelled.   April means blueberries in Florida, and we’d usually be sharing all of the details of the upcoming Florida Blueberry Festival, but this year it is not to be! Operations have been suspended for the 2018 Florida Blueberry Festival, but the good news

Where to Go When You’ve Got the Blues…for Blueberry Festivals

When it comes to blueberries, having “the blues” isn’t all bad as long as you have blueberry festivals to look forward to! April 22nd and 23rd saw a plethora of blueberry festivals. There was the Florida Blueberry Festival in Brooksville, and the Plant City Blueberry Festival, just to name a few. However, blueberry festivals are

15 Reasons to Go to The 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival

Here are more than a few reasons (as if you need convincing) to attend the 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival. The 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival is Saturday, April 22nd, and Sunday, April 23rd, and there are so many reasons why you should go. Held in downtown Brooksville, the Florida Blueberry Festival is in its 6th year,

Tips For an Awesome Time Blueberry Picking

Ensure you and your family or friends have the best time blueberry picking. Both fresh and frozen blueberries bought from the store are great, but nothing beats the fresh-as-can-be blueberries you’ll get from blueberry picking at a U-Pick blueberry farm. There are a host of benefits to going blueberry picking, in addition to the awesome

Events Surrounding The Florida Blueberry Festival

Discover the other events that surround the Florida Blueberry Festival. The Florida Blueberry Festival is slated for April 22nd and 23rd in Brooksville, Florida, and it’s two days full of blueberries. You’ll find fresh blueberries, baked blueberry goods, crafts and more at the Blueberry Festival, but the fun doesn’t end there. Many other great events

Get Ready for the 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival

Love blueberries? Then plan now to attend the 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival in Brooksville, FL, this April! The 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival is fast approaching. Slated for the weekend of April 22nd and the 23rd, the event is held in Brooksville in the downtown area. Explore all the events and happenings that are planned for

Blueberries on film.  Did you see this movie about a blueberry farm?

Blueberries have gone Hollywood with the Hallmark movie “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm.”  We all know that a blueberry farm is a lovely place to be, and Hollywood has finally caught on and made such a farm the focal point of a new Hallmark movie that aired in early October. Explore the details of this romance set in

Wellborn Blueberry Festival is here!

As the Florida blueberry season winds down, there is one more Blueberry Festival in Florida you don't want to miss! So gather up the family and come on out to the 23rd Annual Wellborn Blueberry Festival and Parade this Saturday, June 4, 7 AM-3 PM. It will be held at Andrews Square in downtown Wellborn,