Beat The Heat With A Cold, Refreshing Florida Blueberry Beer

Beat The Heat With A Cold, Refreshing Florida Blueberry Beer

With so many blueberry farms in Florida producing the most beautiful and delicious blueberries there are, you can expect the blueberries will be used to make an unlimited variety of desserts, meals. sauces, drinks, and more. One of the favorite drinks where the blueberry has found yet another niche is beer. That's right! Many breweries

Thanks to UF, The Florida Blueberry Industry Thrives!

In the last three decades, Florida has grown into a major blueberry producing state. As the public is becoming more aware of blueberries' health benefits, the blueberry industry in Florida has continued to grow yearly with increasing profits and blueberry production. However, much of the credit belongs to the University of Florida. Its Institute of

Are you looking for a diet you can live with? Try The Blueberry Diet.

If you feel like you are overweight and need to lose a few pounds, wouldn't it be nice to be on a diet where you could eat foods that you love? The Blueberry Diet might just be the one you're looking for. It involves daily consumption of 2-3 cups of blueberries if you are between

Drink Blueberry Wine! It’s healthy and delicious.

In recent years, doctors have concluded that drinking wine in moderation has added health benefits, with red wine having more antioxidants and health benefits than other types. Except for blueberry wine! With all of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants blueberry wine contains, a study by the University of Florida has found blueberry wine to be

Kid Friendly ideas using Florida Blueberries

Many children are on spring break or have their break coming up in the next couple of weeks. Blueberries are such an important food, we thought it would be helpful to share kid-friendly ideas for spring vacation.  Our Pinterest Board called Blueberries For Kids, where we feature fun recipes to help engage your children in

Moffitt Cancer Center to study effects of blueberries

A first of its kind clinical trial is underway in Tampa, Florida.  The Moffitt Cancer Center announced recently of a trial developed to study the effects of blueberries on cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy. Researchers are hoping to prove that an extract from blueberries can help patients. According to the center's news release, One of