FL Blueberry U-Pick Farms Offer Great Deals!

FL Blueberry U-Pick Farms Offer Great Deals!

This past winter in Florida was unusually warm, and the Florida blueberry farmers here are suffering the consequences. Because the cold season in Florida was woefully short of the 'chill hours' necessary for the blue fruit to produce and mature on time, the berries were not ready for harvest until much later than they normally

Beat The Heat With A Cold, Refreshing Florida Blueberry Beer

With so many blueberry farms in Florida producing the most beautiful and delicious blueberries there are, you can expect the blueberries will be used to make an unlimited variety of desserts, meals. sauces, drinks, and more. One of the favorite drinks where the blueberry has found yet another niche is beer. That's right! Many breweries

Drink Blueberry Wine! It’s healthy and delicious.

In recent years, doctors have concluded that drinking wine in moderation has added health benefits, with red wine having more antioxidants and health benefits than other types. Except for blueberry wine! With all of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants blueberry wine contains, a study by the University of Florida has found blueberry wine to be