FL Blueberry U-Pick Farms Offer Great Deals!

FL Blueberry U-Pick Farms Offer Great Deals!

This past winter in Florida was unusually warm, and the Florida blueberry farmers here are suffering the consequences. Because the cold season in Florida was woefully short of the 'chill hours' necessary for the blue fruit to produce and mature on time, the berries were not ready for harvest until much later than they normally

Blueberries Can Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s

There are currently 5.3 million people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. In nine more years, that number could reach seven million. Hopefully, new research using blueberries can offer help. There has recently been new research indicating blueberries can lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Robert Krikorian and his team of scientists from University of Cincinnati

Do you want younger looking skin? Eat more blueberries!

When Juan Ponce de León was in Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth in 1513, he should have just given up and started eating blueberries. With all of their healthy vitamins and nutrients, it just so happens that blueberries are very good for skin. If someone is having trouble with uneven skin tone, acne,

5 Healthy Reasons to Eat Blueberries This Year

Blueberries are one of nature's little treats that hosts an endless amount of nutrition, vitamins, and antioxidants while still being delicious and versatile. The beautiful blue color that is so immediately noticeable to blueberries is due to the photochemical, anthocyanin. It is this little powerhouse of an antioxidant that is so good at fighting diseases.

Eat More Blueberries in 2016!

2016 is upon us! New Year's day is a day when people all across the world see hope for a better year, and make resolutions to themselves to become better human beings by starting good new behaviors and eliminating unfavorable old ones. Often, people's New Year's resolutions revolve around their diet. Usually, people would like

What is in Blueberries?

'What is in Blueberries?' The question should be, "What is NOT in blueberries?" Most people know blueberries as sweet and juicy berries with a deliciously unique flavor. They are so healthy, easy to eat, and they have been around North America long before Europeans came to this part of the world. However, blueberries contain so many more

How to Make Dried Blueberries At Home AND… A Delicious Blueberry Chili Recipe

Blueberries have taken the world by storm with their increasing popularity of late. They are so delicious, lightly sweet, and they are nutrient rich and delicious! If they're not available fresh, you can buy dried blueberries which are full of condensed nutrition and flavor. Dried blueberries are perfectly delicious in scones, cookies, muffins, salads, oatmeal,

Do Blueberries Have Health Benefits for Skin?

Blueberries are one of the highest-ranking fruits with their high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants while simultaneously being low in carbohydrates and sugar. They can be consumed raw (without concern of removing a seed), cooked, frozen, dried, or drunk in the form of tea or juice, while still retaining most of the beneficial properties and

Blueberry Tea: Explore the Health Benefits

Most people associate blueberries with some delicious dessert their grandmother made: pies, cobblers, muffins, poptarts. But one use of blueberries that has been gaining popularity recently is blueberry tea, which is made from leaves and stems of a blueberry bush. Often, the tea is flavored with dried blueberries giving it more of a blue/purple color