Thanks to UF, The Florida Blueberry Industry Thrives!

Thanks to UF, The Florida Blueberry Industry Thrives!

In the last three decades, Florida has grown into a major blueberry producing state. As the public is becoming more aware of blueberries' health benefits, the blueberry industry in Florida has continued to grow yearly with increasing profits and blueberry production. However, much of the credit belongs to the University of Florida. Its Institute of

Get Ready for National Blueberry Month in July!

Spring and Summer. This is the perfect time to indulge in everything blueberry from snacks to deserts to drinks to just about anything else you can think of to eat. There are tens of thousands of recipes dedicated to blueberries for every meal imaginable, and there are countless festivals across the country celebrating the delicious,

A Delicious, Blueberry-Laced Lunch!

It's a beautiful, warm, spring day and you're getting hungry. What's for lunch? You're thinking maybe a grilled cheese sandwich, cookies, and lemonade. Sounds great. But when you open the refrigerator door, what jumps out at you is a big bowl of sweet, plump Florida blueberries! What are you going to do? These yummy recipes

New research suggests blueberries may be beneficial in relieving PTSD

In recent years, the blueberry has been found to have healthy benefits to a variety of ailments, thus earning them the nickname "superfood". They are known to have healing benefits related to aging, the heart, bones, vision, memory. cancer, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Most recently, Philip J Ebenezer and his fellow researchers at Louisiana State

Fun Facts about Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the most popular berries in the the United States, and they are one of only three berries native to North America. Most people know how delicious they are, and increasing numbers are learning how healthy they are. But did you know…? Blueberries have been around for thousands of years. The darker

Don’t Let Birds Eat Your Blueberries!

Do you grow blueberries? More than ever, people all over the US are growing their own blueberries for the health benefits, and because blueberries are extremely delicious. Humans aren't the only ones who think blueberries are delicious. Birds love them, and they will eat all they can until there are none left or the berries

List of Florida Blueberry Festivals in 2015

If you live in Florida, you must know by now that Florida has become a major producer of blueberries. In fact, the warm, sunny climate allows Florida to produce the very first batch of plump, juicy, sweet blueberries in the entire United States. No matter where you are in Florida, it is likely that between

Going to the 2015 Florida Blueberry Festival? ***CHECK OUT THIS ALL-DAY LINEUP!!!***

Don't miss these 2 incredible days of diverse music and fun! You'll experience all kinds of music including a Rolling Stones tribute band, funk, dance, 60s-70s, folk, blues, bluegrass, country, rock, and more! There is also belly dancing, hula hoops, stilts, dog show, drum circle, magic, Wiggles, and more! *Check back as we will be

“A Brush with The Blues 2015” A Plein Air Event April 4 – 8, 2015

As part of the Florida Blueberry Festival in Brooksville Florida on April 11-12, everyone is invited to participate in “A Brush with The Blues 2015”, an on-location painting event sponsored by the Florida Blueberry Festival Committee in cooperation with the Florida Blueberry Growers Association and the City of Brooksville. On Saturday April 4, 2015, artists

The Florida Blueberry Festival is almost here!

Yes, it's almost that time of year again. Florida Blueberry Festival, Inc. will be hosting its fourth annual Florida Blueberry Festival in Brooksville, Florida. This year, the festival will be held Saturday April 11, 10 AM-8 PM and Sunday April 12, 10 AM-6 PM. Admission for the event is $8 (18+ years), $5 (6-17 years),