Blueberries Need A Diverse Group of Bees for Best Pollination

Blueberries Need A Diverse Group of Bees for Best Pollination

For thousands of years, blueberries in the US were pollinated by bees native to North America. Then explorers and settlers showed up bringing new species of bees including the European Honey Bees. All those different types of bees seem to have benefited the blueberry. With blueberries, there isn't just one type of bee that is

Blueberries Are Popping up on Menus across the Country!

As the popularity and demand of blueberries is rising due to the endless health benefits and obvious delicious flavor, they are showing up more and more on menus across the US as the culinary world continues to find creative ways to add them to recipes. Their use among restaurant chains around the country has almost

Blueberries: A Potential Weapon Used To Combat Parkinson’s Disease

Are blueberries the answer in the battle against Parkinson's disease? Researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada seem to think so. Their research of blueberries has indicated that the sweet and nutrient-rich fruit might lessen the effects of heart disease and diabetes. Recently, studies have shown that blueberries might help curb the effects of

“Blueberries” A Poem by Robert Frost

Even renowned poet Robert Frost had a passion for blueberries. So much so, he wrote a beautiful poem about this sweet delicious berry! "You ought to have seen what I saw on my way  To the village, through Mortenson's pasture to-day:  Blueberries as big as the end of your thumb,  Real sky-blue, and heavy, and

From Bush to Refrigerator, A Blueberry’s Journey

Have you ever thought about how blueberries are harvested? The blueberry travels an interesting course from the bush to your refrigerator. Pickers quickly traverse through the fields picking as many berries as they can and filling buckets with them. From there they travel to warehouses where they are quickly refrigerated so they will fresh longer.

Lake Wales Welcomes New Blueberry Winery

A new blueberry winery has opened this month in Lake Wales, Florida. Fiddler's Ridge Farms and Winery has opened shop and is offering two blueberry wines, one sweet and one semisweet, along with a white wine made from peaches, all to the delight of your taste buds! Fiddler's Ridge uses only hand-harvested Florida Blueberries combined

Brooksville Florida becomes new home to Florida Blueberry Growers Association

Every April since 2012, the Florida Blueberry Festival has attracted between 40-50,000 locals and out-of-towners to a weekend long street festival in downtown Brooksville, Florida. Because the festival has been so well received in that area, Brooksville has been officially named the home of the Florida Blueberry Growers Association. The association's president, Dudley Calfee, said

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77-year-old Florida Blueberry Farmer is a Trailblazer

The owner of Straughn Farms in Waldo, Fla is 77-year-old Alto Straughn. For nearly 40 years, agriculture has been his life. With help from the University of Florida, he has been a major player in developing the state's blueberry industry. After three years in Marion County and Ocala as an Extension agent, Straughn got his

Florida Blueberries are a Win-Win for everyone

In the beginning of the Florida blueberry business, there were many skeptics. But with a harvest that has tripled in 10 years and roughly 25,000,000 pounds being harvested this year, attitudes are changing. And even though blueberries are an expensive crop to grow, they have proven to be profitable for Florida growers. Part of the

Florida Blueberries Hold Their Own Against Competition

In the first days when Florida blueberries came on the scene, many people didn’t think the crop would be successful.  Florida was known for oranges and to a lesser extent strawberries, so blueberries didn’t have a chance. But flash forward 10 years and the number of blueberries harvested has more than tripled. So what is