Celebrate Flag Day With a Blueberry Flag Cake

Best Dessert Recipes for Fresh Blueberries

If you’re just back from the U-Pick blueberry farm, blueberry festival or grocery store with fresh blueberries, these are the dessert recipes to try.   There are few things out there as good as fresh blueberries. Whether you’ve picked them yourself or bought them at a roadside stand, blueberry festival, Farmer’s Market or grocery store,

Fun Blueberry Recipes to Liven Up Your Valentine’s Day

Save some money this Valentine’s Day and have an awesome date at home with these fun blueberry recipes. Wondering how some fun blueberry recipes could save your money? If you’ve seen the results of the latest annual survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, you know that Americans are forecast to spend $18.2 billion on

Decadent Blueberry Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Try one of these blueberry dessert recipes to add some elegant sweetness to your day.  If you and your valentine are planning on dining in this February 14th, then dessert will be on you to make as well. Whip up a decadent creation worthy of Cupid with one of these blueberry dessert recipes, all courtesy of the

The Best Blueberry Cookies to Leave for Santa this Holiday

Show Santa you care by making one—or all—of these blueberry cookies (and have some for yourself!)  The big day is drawing near, and you have a few days left to make the perfect cookies to leave for Santa. Try one of these recipes for blueberry cookies for the perfect treat to greet Santa, share with friends

Blueberry Angel Cake Desserts: The Perfect Holiday Combination

What better dessert to make for your holiday dinner than blueberry angel cake desserts? Your holiday dinner won’t be complete without a heavenly dessert. Look to one of these blueberry angel cake desserts to be the perfect ending to the most festive meal of the year! We’ve put together three different blueberry angel cake desserts

Tasty Blueberry Thanksgiving Recipes: Appetizers and Desserts

Adding delicious blueberries to your Thanksgiving feast is easy with one of these delectable blueberry Thanksgiving recipes. Thanksgiving dishes are usually based on your family’s traditions, but it’s easy to find a new favorite to add to the mix. The superb taste and high nutritional value of blueberries means they fit in any recipe. As

Blueberry Crumble & Bourbon Sauce

You are going to love this Skillet Blueberry and Peach Crumble with Bourbon Sauce! This is a delicious warm and crunchy blueberry crumble dessert that comes with a bourbon sauce that should be illegal! Yes, it's that good.       Ingredients: For Blueberry Crumble Filling: 6 cups sliced peaches (about 5 peaches) 1 cup

3 Yummy ‘Frozen Blueberries’ Recipes

One great thing about blueberries is their versatility in cooking. If you don't have any fresh blueberries on hand, you can always use frozen blueberries. Listed here are three recipes that use frozen blueberries if no fresh ones are available. The result will still be incredibly delicious. Read below on how to make Blueberry Fruit

4th of July (Blueberry Style!)

This 4th of July, celebrate with a Blueberry themed dinner! The delicious recipes below start with a fresh Blueberry Cucumber Salad, followed by a savory Blueberry and Provolone Stuffed Chicken recipe. For dessert, your family will love your patriotic, red-white-and-blue Wave the Flag Cupcakes! And you can wash it all down with the most delicious