Feast on this complete Thanksgiving dinner featuring the native North American Blueberry!

Feast on this complete Thanksgiving dinner featuring the native North American Blueberry!

Imagine how excited pilgrims were to learn about blueberries and to taste them for the very first time! Ever since then, cooks have been experimenting and learning tasty new ways to use them in just about every culinary capacity. Below, you'll find a complete Thanksgiving dinner utilizing blueberries in the most delicious and creative ways

20 Diet-Restricted Delicious Blueberry Recipes (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy Free etc.)

More people these days are learning they experience adverse reactions to certain ingredients in food. Foods containing gluten seem to be causing the most adverse reactions for some people. Other folks have decided to eliminate these foods in hopes of becoming healthier. Blueberries, however, don't seem to fit in any of the categories of foods

A Blueberry Infused 5-Course Dinner & Cocktail Is Perfect for a Cool Fall Evening

With this delicious Blueberry Infused 5-Course Dinner, you will thoroughly impress your family and friends. Starting with salad, followed by an appetizer, entrée, side vegetable dish, dessert, and finishing with a cocktail, everything is prepared with blueberries! It will be perfect for a crisp, cool autumn evening. Much thanks to the BlueberryCouncil.org for all of

September’s Best Blueberry Recipes from around the Country

Blueberry season has mostly wound down for most of North America this year. However, delicious blueberry recipes have been constantly popping up all over in various media outlets.  Have you ever heard of a Slab Pie? Grunt? Buckle? How about a Galette, Hoe Cake, or Streusel? Below is a list of September's Best Blueberry Recipes from

Blueberries Can Be Fun with These Three “Blueberry Games”

We all love our blueberries! They are healthy, easy to eat, beautifully blue, perfectly sweet, and completely delicious. Aside from the obvious, blueberries are fun! Most people learned as a child that food is not a toy to be played with. Well, that's not always true. Thanks to Dole Fresh Vegetables, there are actually games

Make Little Changes to get Big Rewards with Blueberries

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council put out a calendar for 2015 labeled Little Changes, Big Rewards. Every month has a piece of advice to encourage healthy living and eating habits. Here are some tips, recipes and inspiration for your #LittleChanges journey! Be inspired, and enjoy the recipes.   Shift the Spotlight: Make fruits and veggies

Invite Blueberries to Your Next Mexican Dinner Night

Mexican food has become one of the most wildly popular cuisines in today's epicureal culture. Similarly, blueberries have exploded onto the epicure's radar not only because of their pure deliciousness and versatility, but also because of their numerous health benefits and widespread availability. Below is a complete meal of blueberries infused into the delicious flavors

Summertime Blueberry Dessert Recipes For Your Next Get-Together

It's summertime, and that means picnics and get-togethers for friends and family. Everyone knows it's pretty much an unwritten rule that a summertime get-together absolutely must have dessert! And everyone also knows that a summertime dessert absolutely must have blueberries. Below are three delicious summertime blueberry dessert recipes that will light up the faces of

A Delicious, Blueberry-Laced Lunch!

It's a beautiful, warm, spring day and you're getting hungry. What's for lunch? You're thinking maybe a grilled cheese sandwich, cookies, and lemonade. Sounds great. But when you open the refrigerator door, what jumps out at you is a big bowl of sweet, plump Florida blueberries! What are you going to do? These yummy recipes

Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe: Raw, Vegan and Delicious

  Blueberries are making a splash on the Vegan scene.   We came across a delicious blueberry cheesecake recipe sure to please any palate, published on One Green Planet.  The recipe is raw, gluten free, and paleo.   The recipe's creator says this is an excellent and easy dessert to make ahead and it can be saved in the freezer for months.