Traditional Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes Featuring Blueberries

Traditional Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes Featuring Blueberries

Spice up your Thanksgiving side dishes by trying these recipes featuring blueberries.   The traditional Thanksgiving meal has a few dishes that are must-haves—turkey, sweet potatoes, and stuffing come to mind. This year, add some zest to the table by using side dish recipes featuring blueberries. We’ve put together some of the most mouth-watering recipes

Try These Award-Winning Blueberry Cookies

Try these blueberry cookies for an award-winning baking session in your kitchen. Baking competitions are an excellent way to discover prime recipes, such as this award-winning blueberry cookies. These blueberry cookies—Blueberry Cream Cheese Cookie with Lemon Glaze—were the winning entry in the Great Centreville Cookie Contest. Find the recipe below, and try them for yourself.

Start a New Halloween Tradition: Blueberry Hand Pies

Make a new Halloween tradition with your kids this October with these delightful blueberry hand pies.   Trick-or-treating…bobbing for apples…carving pumpkins…blueberry hand pies…; wait, what? Add a new tradition to your family’s Halloween lineup this October by making these darling blueberry hand pies. Everyone will love the delightful Jack-O-Lantern faces, but they will love eating

Blueberry Chili Recipes for Fall? You Bet!

Try one of these blueberry chili recipes to really get into the season. It’s finally fall, so in addition to cooler weather, football, and color-changing foliage, it’s also time for chili! You likely have a favorite chili recipe or two, but be warned that the following blueberry chili recipes will be added into your regular

Blueberry Recipes: Comfort Food

Find three great blueberry recipes that serve as the ultimate in comfort food. The best comfort food can turn a bad day around in a heartbeat, and it’s made even better with the addition of blueberries. They are tart, sweet, nutritious, and utterly delicious. If a hard day has you down, try one of these

Make Mornings Fabulous With Blueberry Brunch Recipes

Up your morning routine with these scrumptious blueberry brunch recipes. Weekends are the pinnacle of the week, so you naturally want to do everything you can to make your weekends as fabulous as possible. There are few options as fabulous as brunch, and few things that can improve this late-morning meal like blueberry brunch recipes.

Things That Make You Go Mmmm: Blueberry Pizza

If you’re looking for a recipe that is beyond delicious, try blueberry pizza! Blueberries are delicious no matter the dish, but blueberry pizza really ups the ante. Blueberry pizza combines all the best flavors: tart blueberries, savory cheese, and additional tasty toppings. If you’re looking for an appetizer or even an entrée, try one of

Try Something New: Blueberry Bison Meatballs

Looking for something new to tempt your palate? Try these blueberry bison meatballs! Life is about trying new things, and these blueberry bison meatballs definitely need to be on your food bucket list. Bison—also known under the misnomer of ‘buffalo’—is native to North America, and it offers a healthy, low-fat alternative to beef. This recipe

Pinterest’s Simply Stunning Blueberry Desserts

See some of the most beautiful blueberry desserts on Pinterest. Pinterest is a site for visual inspiration, and it has no shortage of beyond-stunning blueberry desserts that almost look too good to eat. Almost. We’ve rounded up a few of the most breath-taking and tantalizing blueberry desserts to be found on Pinterest. Feast with your

Make Summer Epic with These Blueberries on the Grill Recipes

If you’ve never tried blueberries on the grill, you’re in for a treat. Blueberries are one of the most versatile fruits out there. As an ingredient, they bring both flavor and nutrition to any dish. Blueberries are delicious any number of ways: baked, sautéed, glazed, roasted and in the raw! Blueberries on the grill are