FL Blueberry U-Pick Farms Offer Great Deals!

Blueberry Picking ThreeThis past winter in Florida was unusually warm, and the Florida blueberry farmers here are suffering the consequences. Because the cold season in Florida was woefully short of the 'chill hours' necessary for the blue fruit to produce and mature on time, the berries were not ready for harvest until much later than they normally were.

The Florida blueberry industry depends on an early harvest compared to the rest of the country, to be the only state selling blueberries as early as March. But many of Florida's blueberry farms are just now seeing their peak season. As a result, the commercial market has moved to much of the East Coast north of Florida. This has left Florida with an over-supply of blueberries not sitting on grocery store shelves.

This certainly is not good news for the Florida blueberry growers, but it is good news for Florida residents looking for bargain blueberry prices. Because of the oversupply, farmers are now offering incredible U-Pick opportunities to the general public to visit the farms and pick their own blueberries at extreme discount prices that are much lower than what grocery stores offer.

The U-Pick options in the state of Florida right now are virtually everywhere! This is such a good opportunity for Florida residents (or visitors) to scoop up some great deals on the most delicious blueberries at their peak of ripeness and sweetness.

Blueberries are one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods there is, and they are so incredibly tasty. Because they don't have thick skin or a large seed, blueberries can be eaten or cooked without any special preparation. They are also extremely versatile and are found in snacks, breakfasts, salads, desserts, smoothies, sauces, and much more! Blueberries can be raw, frozen, dried, freeze-dried, or canned, and they still retain delicious flavor and incredible nutrition and health benefits.

Right now is the perfect time to gather your family and visit a Florida Blueberry U-Pick farm near you. What you can't eat now, freeze and eat later. Take advantage of this rare opportunity, have fun pickin', and enjoy those blueberries! Click here for a Florida Blueberry U-Pick farm near you.