Frozen Blueberries Are Delicious!

frozen blueberriesIf you love blueberries the way most Americans do, you will go crazy for frozen blueberries! First of all, the freezing process ensures they are always fresh and ripe. Secondly, blueberries require no pitting, chopping, or peeling. Lastly, you don't have to go to the store to get them. They are right there in the freezer waiting to be eaten!

When you buy frozen blueberries at the grocery store, they were frozen at their peak of freshness, often on the farm, down to -20°. Because this process only takes 4 minutes, the blueberries retain most of their nutrients, vitamins, and flavor.

If you would rather freeze your own blueberries, go ahead. Simply go to the grocery store, pick up way more blueberries than you currently need, and freeze them. It's easy! Here's how.

Use fresh blueberries that are completely dry when you pop them in the freezer. Don’t worry about rinsing the berries before you freeze them; simply place them, still in their original containers, in resealable plastic bags and store them on your freezer shelf.

If you prefer to rinse the blueberries first, dry them well with paper towels, then transfer them to freezer containers or resealable plastic bags for freezing. The blueberries will freeze individually so you can remove just the portion you need.

If you didn’t wash your blueberries before freezing them, rinse them just before use.

For best results, toss your home-frozen blueberries into oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, shakes or sauces within 10 months.

For some delicious frozen blueberry recipes, click here. Enjoy!

Thanks to:
US Highbush Blueberry Council