Moffitt Cancer Center to study effects of blueberries

Planting Florida BlueberriesA first of its kind clinical trial is underway in Tampa, Florida.  The Moffitt Cancer Center announced recently of a trial developed to study the effects of blueberries on cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy. Researchers are hoping to prove that an extract from blueberries can help patients. According to the center's news release, One of the most common adverse effects reported by cancer patients after treatment is “chemo brain,” a cognitive impairment or a “mental fog” where patients report memory problems and trouble concentrating.  Chemo brain is reported in up to 75 percent of patients treated with chemotherapy for breast and other cancers and lasts from six months to 10 years.  Interventions with drugs, exercise and cognitive training have not proved effective or safe. There is an urgent need to find treatments to eliminate these symptoms. 

Recent research has shown that blueberries have been proven to reverse memory loss, and researchers hope the same will be the result from the study. Based on early evidence from the study because blueberries have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, they may reverse cognitive impairment and safely improve cognitive functioning in cancer survivors.

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