Scare Up Fun with Healthy Blueberries at Your Halloween Party

Try adding healthy blueberries to your Halloweed party table. 

Halloween is fun time, but it doesn’t have to be all about candy and sugar-filled treats. Find some spooky fun ways to add healthy blueberries to your Halloween party, thanks to Pinterest, below.  

Plum and Blueberry Spihealthy blueberriesders 

This fun spider was pinned by Kelly Story, the author of Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons. To convert it to blueberries, try bamboo skewers for the legs.

Attach the skewer through the plum and then load up with big, fresh Florida blueberries. Edible Candy eyes complete the creature! 

Monster Watermelon and Healthy Blueberry Fruit Salad healthy blueberries

Florida blueberries compliment any fruit salad, so make sure the creepy creation at the top of this article is on your Halloween party table! Guests will get the health benefits of Florida blueberries and a chuckle all at the same time.

The monster fruit salad from Fully Raw by Kristen, author of is made by carving a full watermelon into a monster face and making eyes out of toothpicks and fruit. Then, take the scooped-out watermelon and mix with other fruits—like delicious healthy blueberries from Florida—to make a fruit salad that can be staged to look as if it’s being consumed by the monster, or coming out of it! 

There are so many variations of this fun Halloween treat. This wicked witch from a Buzzfeed posting is a great example. 

Halloween Yogurt Bark  

This kid-friendly yogurt bark features healthy blueberries, kiwi, nectarines and edible eyes in a frozen yogurt bark. Offered by the blog Fork and Beans, it’s a healthy alternative to all the candy of Halloween!   

Black Fruit Punch healthy blueberries

This Black Fruit Punch brews up some healthful Halloween fun. Pinned by, it can be made for adult or children’s parties (by deleting the alcohol).

The alcohol-free recipe features soda, black cherry Kool-Aid, fruit like Florida Blueberries and pop rocks for special effects! Don’t forget to chill all ingredients before mixing.