Whispering Oaks’ Blueberry Wines Fare Well In Competitions Around the Country

Whispering Oaks WineryThere is a little town northwest of Orlando, Florida called Oxford where you'll find a delightful blueberry winery called Whispering Oaks Winery. They have several wines such as Delightfully Dry, Blushing Blueberry, Mildly Mild, Sensationally Sweet, and Sassy Sangria. They are all blueberry wines, and they all cost $15.

The folks at Whispering Oaks began to wonder how their wines stacked up against others, so they started entering their blueberry wines into winetasting contests around the country.

What happened next? The healthy and delicious wines of Whispering Oaks started winning awards.

At the The Lone Star International Wine Competition, the oldest wine competition in Texas, the Whispering Oaks wines won three medals. Among 500 different wines submitted, Whispering Oaks received a Bronze for Delightfully Dry and Blushing Blueberry; Silver for Wildly Mild and Gold for Sassy Sangria.

After that came the San Francisco International Wine Competition which had nearly 5000 products entered from around the country. Again, Whispering Oaks' wines did well against the competition with a Bronze for Sensationally Sweet and Blushing Blueberry; Silver for Delightfully Dry and Wildly Mild.

In Grand Rapids Michigan, the Tasters Guild International, a Wine and Food Appreciation Society, awarded Whispering Oaks silvers for Oak Barrel Reserve, Wildly Mild and Sassy Sangria in a group of 1600 entries. Not bad!

Last but not least is the Critics Challenge International Wine competition based in San Diego, CA where judges blindly taste the wines. Whispering Oaks' only entry, Sassy Sangria, won a Silver medal.

So if you are ever in or anywhere near Oxford, Florida, do yourself a favor and visit Whispering Oaks Winery where you can taste the unique blueberry goodness in a glass of delicious Florida wine. 

Whispering Oaks Winery
10934 N. County Rd 475
Oxford, FL, 34484
Open Daily from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM , 7 days a week!
(352) 748-0449

*Photo provided by Whispering Oaks Winery