Something you might not know about blueberries

How about some good news for your heart? Did you know that blueberries help reduce inflammation in your arteries? Inflamed arteries can be bad news for your heart because once inflamed, they start to narrow. Narrow veins can lead to blockage and plaque build up.  Bad follows bad because that can lead to atherosclerosis and

Have you tried the blueberry diet?

We are the first to tout the many benefits of blueberries for health and fitness and word is spreading.  Recently a blueberry diet has been making rounds across social media.  Have you tried this diet? We'd love to know what results you've seen.   The blueberry diet was created to battle belly fat and improve overall

July is National Blueberry Month

Did you know that July is National Blueberry Month? If any fruit deserves its own month, it’s certainly blueberries! Eating just a quarter cup of blueberries every day can make a big impact on your overall health and well-being. They are rich in antioxidants, low in fat and have just 80 calories per cup. There’s so

Blueberries Proven to Double Cancer Fighting Cells

Berries of all colors have been in the spotlight for the past several years as true health champions. They are our greatest weapon for disease prevention and health maintenance. While a cure for cancer has been researched for decades, berries have emerged as a true cancer-fighting weapon.  They are able to counteract, reduce and repair

Add Blueberries to Your July 4 Festivities

In just a few weeks we'll be celebrating our nation's birthday. On July 4th, the fun begins with fireworks, parades, and barbeques. Everyone in the United States feels quite patriotic. We all give thanks for our freedom and everything is proudly dressed in Red, White and Blue. Speaking of Red, White and Blue, as you plan your

Did you know blueberries and strawberries help your heart?

Did you know that eating blueberries and strawberries three times per week is great medicine for your heart? The fruity combination was uncovered by Dr. Eric Rimm who is an associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School.  In a 2013 study, Rimm and his team gathered data from 93,600

Blueberries linked to reducing troublesome belly fat

Of all the health benefits of blueberries, could busting belly fat be yet another one? A study showed that rats, which were the subjects of the study, that ate a diet rich in blueberries lost abdominal fat. It’s the dangerous kind of fat linked to heart disease and diabetes.  They also experienced many other health

May 26th is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

Each year on May 26, people across the United States, celebrate and enjoy National Blueberry Cheesecake Day. As legend has it, blueberry cheesecake originated in history because it was used to feed the athletes of the Olympic Games in Greece. This would make it an historic dessert for centuries.  The 2014 date also falls on Memorial Day.

Blueberries linked to better senior health

The secret about the many blueberry health benefits is definitely out. This super fruit has been linked to heart, brain and digestive health, and many other benefits.  In the last decade, blueberries have received the recognition they deserve and scientists and medical professionals alike are taking a closer look at them.  One of the best