Myths vs. Facts About Blueberry Health Benefits

There’s no denying the high number of blueberry health benefits, but it's important to be able to spot the difference between myths and facts for America’s favorite berry! 

The blueberry is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. When considering all the blueberry health benefits proven by science, it seems unlikely that anyone would need to exaggerate the health benefits of blueberries, but it does happen. Explore the differences between fact and fiction when it comes to the health benefits of blueberries below. 

Myths and Facts of Blueberry Health Benefits 

Myth #1: Blueberries Cure Cancer 

Fact: Blueberries contain more antioxidants than most other fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants like gallic acid and resveratrol have been proven in studies to fight cancer-causing agents like free radicals. While blueberries cannot cure cancer, their antioxidants work as part of a healthy lifestyle to prevent and combat cancer. 

Myth #2: Blueberries Cure Heart Disease 

Fact: Just like with #1 above, the antioxidants in blueberries cannot cure cardiovascular disease caused by years of bad habits like an unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking and a sedentary lifestyle. However, the antioxidants and other nutrients in blueberries have been show to benefit heart health, the vascular system and improve cholesterol levels. A study published in the journal Circulation showed that eating strawberries and blueberries together decreased the risk of heart attack by nearly 33 percent. 

Myth #3: Blueberries Will Make You Smarter 

Fact: Blueberries are so nutrient-rich that they provide many of the chemicals the brain needs to function. Like a car engine operating at its highest capacity on high-octane fuel, blueberries help your brain to function at optimal levels. They have been proven to improve memory and motor function, slow cognitive decline and protect against brain degeneration. 

Myth #4: Blueberries Will Make You Lose Weight 

Fact: Blueberries are a healthy alternative to junk food and sugar-filled snacks. If you add blueberries to a regimen of daily exercise and a healthy diet, then you’ll likely see yourself slimming down. However, simply eating blueberries without controlling the number of calories you consume or adding in exercise will not cause you to lose weight!